Yamaha L-125 Piano Stand For P125, White

Yamaha L-125 Piano Stand For P125, White


  • $19999


Your Yamaha digital piano deserves a platform that puts you in a perfect playing position and complements your piano's looks. Don't settle for a run-of-the-mill stand! Now, you can play your piano in style, with Yamaha's L125 stand. Made to work perfectly with the P-125 digital piano, the L125 stand gives you what you need: a sturdy, stable base, great playing placement, and attractive looks that match your keyboard. This furniture-style stand is easy to set up and makes your piano look great in any room. Take some solid advice... get the stand that's made for your piano: the Yamaha L125.


  • Use with P125WH
  • Designed specifically for the Yamaha P-125 digital piano
  • Compatible with the optional LP1 pedal unit (sold separately)
  • Furniture-style stand
  • White
  • Type: Table for P-125
  • Number of Tiers: 
  • Tier Height: 26"
  • Tier Depth: 11.5"
  • Tier Width: 51.75"
  • Color: White

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