Q: Who are a part of the Reid Music Team?

All the members of the Reid Music family are accomplished & highly knowledgeable about all things music! Almost all of our staff are active gigging musicians for many years and the vast amount of information they possess can only serve to help you get exactly the right gear for you!


Junior & Gina Reid - Owner / Operators
Curtis Peckham - Store Manager
Jason March - Folk / Trad Specialist / Accordion Cobbler / Instructor
Tyler Young - Sales Representative
Charlie Barfoot - Sales Representative / Instructor
Jordan Thorne - Sales Representative
Mike Avery
- Repair Shop Technician

If you have any questions, one of our team can help... guaranteed! 

Q: Who are the owners of Reid Music?
A: Junior & Gina Reid are the proud owners of Reid Music! They are extremely proud to be completely Newfoundland Owned & Operated and they always strive to treat all the sales staff & teachers with upmost respect they deserve... this is why we are able to avail to you, our valued customer, the best experience possible!
Q: What are the store's hours of operation?
A:  Monday - Thursday from 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m., Friday & Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and we are Closed on Sundays. Our 'Summer' and 'Holiday' hours will vary and be posted here on our site.
Q: Can I get my instrument / gear serviced at Reid Music?
A: We pride ourselves on our customer service. It is the hope of both the owners and the staff of Reid Music that when considering your next purchase much thought is given to the service you will receive on that item. Our motto is "Small in Size and Big on Service". We guarantee that our service simply will not be beat. With our qualified and experienced personnel on site servicing is the norm at Reid music rather than the exception. Rarely must a product be returned to the factory for servicing, but if for some reason it does we won’t leave you stuck.
Q: Does Reid Music perform check-ups & set-ups on the instruments?
A: All the stringed instruments we sell are backed by, in addition to the manufactures warranty, a "One-Year Service Check Plan" in which we look after any setup or adjustment work for one year from the date of purchase. The plan consists of a three, six and twelve month checkups. During the checkups we do all the necessary (or wanted) adjustments on your instrument. Any problem that you have with an instrument purchased from Reid Music is always looked after.
Q: Can I get my electronics fixed on-site as well?
A: Any of the electronics (amplifiers, public address systems, keyboards, recorders, digital pianos) we sell are serviced "on site" as well.  By servicing these products locally, we save a great deal of time normally limiting down time on your equipment to a few days or less.
Q: Does Reid Music ship and deliver outside of the St. John's metro areas?

We sure do! We try to have the quickest & safest shipping and delivery available... we will get the products you purchase to you. Whether it's a local, provincial or national purchase, we will get what you want to where you need it. We have many different means to achieve this, from personal local delivery, to courier and air service afar. Call us for any questions you have about having our goods shipped.