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We offer Piano, Voice, Drum, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Accordion & Fiddle lessons for any playing level. These lessons are one on one with the teacher for an efficient, state-of-the-art learning environment. We employ only highly experienced music teachers willing and able to teach all styles of music to students of all ages. Lessons run from September to May during the year from Monday to Thursday & Saturdays. Often space runs out quickly so it is good to call and book space early prior to their start in the fall.

We offer 8 spacious & clean teaching studios; fostering a highly positive & educational place for you, your child, your spouse or whomever is taking music lessons. Here at Reid Music, we believe that a positive atmosphere is the best way to learn!



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Our teachers are highly qualified on their instrument of choice! Some have many, many years performing in their specific field! Every one of our amazing teachers have been hand picked by Reid Music for their amazing musicality and professionalism unparalleled anywhere! If high quality instruction is your goal... look no further. We pride ourselves in offering the best musical instruction by industry professionals that combine education and entertainment and most of all FUN!  



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Under The Direction Of Reid Music's Resident Folk / Trad Specialist, Jason March
Both sessions are 
held in the upper level of Reid Music's Teaching Studios, these sessions offers budding & experienced folk / traditional musicians group interaction with fellow students; which allows them to gain experience in group arrangements, reading sheet music/tabs, and gaining knowledge and experience in the genre of folk music through a variety of different instruments being used.

"Folk Sessions"
These sessions are your chance to come on out and learn to play guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, accordion bodhran, fiddle or ukulele in a group setting! All levels of playing ability & experience welcome! Each session runs 60 minutes in length and each enrolment period consists of six (6) sessions.

"The Rhythm of the Bodhran"
Focusing on the sound and the beats behind some of folk & traditional music’s iconic tunes in a group setting! All levels of experience are welcome!! The bodhran is featured in such songs as: "The Rhythm Of The Goat"... "The Islander"... "South Australia"... "The Ramblin’ Rover"... "The Chemical Workers Song"... And so many more!!!

Please contact Jason at the store for all available times and session rates.