Warm Audio Warmdrive Legendary Amp-in-a-Box Overdrive Pedal

Warm Audio

  • $21900


The Warmdrive is a true reproduction of a highly revered pedal known for delivering the tones of an unattainable overdriven amp. Just like the original, Warmdrive has the unique voice/tone control combination, giving artists extra versatility. The Warmdrive combines true-to-original components & circuit design to achieve the same tone and sonic profile of the legendary pedal.

Push & Blend Clean Tones
Whether you're looking to dial in a transparent overdrive tone, push a tube amp to saturation, or solo with punch and clarity, the Warmdrive has all of the tones of that special overdriven amplifier.

4-Knob Versatility
The Warmdrive has 4 control knobs on the pedal: Volume, Tone, Gain, and Voice. Like the original, the voice knob controls the frequencies being clipped by the op-amp, delivering a tonal versatility beyond most guitar pedals. Experimenting with the voice knob can dramatically alter the overdriven bass and treble tones, making the Warmdrive experience like owning a second amp.

• Volume, Tone, Gain, and Voice controls
• Pairs premium components like 2N7000 MOSFETs and 1N34a Germanium / Schottky BAT41 diodes with a true-to-original circuit design to achieve the same tone and sonic profile of a very "zen" pedal.
• Plays well with other dirt pedals in the chain because of its amplifier-inspired sound profile and forgiving circuit design.
• Buffered bypass operation
• Authentic metal enclosure with carefully tapered knobs

• 1/4" input (instrument) and output (amp) jacks
• Powered by 9V battery or standard 9V DC pedal adapter
• Power Consumption: 25 mA
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.75 x 2.5 x 2.25 in. / 12.06 x 6.35 x 5.71 cm
• Weight: .75 lbs / .34 kg

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