Tusq Pick Pack (PQP-0010-ST) Standard Assorted (6 Pack)

Tusq Pick Pack (PQP-0010-ST) Standard Assorted (6 Pack)


  • $660


The PQP-0010-ST is 6 pack of TUSQ Standard shaped picks. They come in a variety of gauges: 0.68mm, 0.88mm, and 1.00mm thickness. They also come in various tones: Bright (white color), Warm (vintage cream color), and Deep (gray color).

The Standard Mixed Pick Pack includes:

  • 1 BQP-0068-VT TUSQ Standard Pick 0.68mm - Warm Tone
  • 1 BQP-0068-GR TUSQ Standard Pick 0.68mm - Deep Tone
  • 1 BQP-0088-WT TUSQ Standard Pick 0.88mm - Bright Tone
  • 1 BQP-0088-VT TUSQ Standard Pick 0.88mm - Warm Tone
  • 1 BQP-0100-WT TUSQ Standard Pick 1.00mm - Bright Tone
  • 1 BQP-0100-GR TUSQ Standard Pick 1.00mm - Deep Tone

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