Planet Waves Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Planet Waves

  • $4199


An acoustic guitar sounds its best when the body has just the right amount of humidity. Proper humidity levels can not only make your guitar sound it's best, but also prolong the life of your instrument. This Planet Waves Humidity and Temperature Sensor features an accurate digital temperature indicator in Fahrenheit (-32 degrees F to 122 degrees F) or Centigrade (-35 degrees C to 50 degrees C). There's also an accurate relative humidity indicator (20% to 99%, under 20% displays the word "Lo"), a humidity set point that allows you to set the minimum relative humidity desired and icon will indicate when you need to use a Planet Waves instrument humidifier to raise humidity level in your instrument case. High and low temperature memory indicates the highest and lowest temperature and humidity conditions your instrument has been exposed to since the last reset. The Planet Waves Humidity and Temperature Sensor is a great way to monitor the humidity health of your acoustic instrument.

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