NUX Verdugo Series NGS6 Amp Academy Amp Modeller Pedal


  • $25999


Nowadays the Amp-less approach is quickly becoming a trend for modern musicians—like guitarists who appreciate a variety of pedals and amps, but don’t have the luxury of a roadie crew to lug all of them around. Amp Academy inherits NUX TSAC-2K (White-box Amp Modeling) algorithm which delivers the sound and feel of world-class tube amplifiers in a super-portable stomp-box enclosure. And, its huge headroom and dynamic range is a pedal friendly platform.

On Stage: Add Amp Academy to any pedal chain and connect to a mixer or PA system for excellent tone, control, and flexibility during live performance. Monitor through the in-house monitoring system or in-ear monitors. For a dedicated personal on-stage monitor, connect your pedalboard to a powered FRFR speaker.
In Studio: Connect Amp Academy directly to a recording interface for excellent guitar tone, instantly, without the need to set up an amp or microphones.
At Home (Silent Practice): Connect headphones or monitors directly to Amp Academy’s 1/8” PHONE OUT to experience immersive classic amp tones in a natural sounding room without an amp.


  • 6 built-in amp models through Nux’s TSAC-2K (WHITE-BOX algorithm) Amp Modeling:
    – Vintage (Fender Twin Reverb),
    – Classic (Fender Vibro King),
    – Modern(Mesa Boogie Mark I),
    – Brown(Friedman HBE),
    – Red(Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier),
    – Iridium(Bogner Uberschall).
  • Infinite more amp models through the editor software
  • 32 Slots for Cab IRs
    – 6 IR slots included in the 6 built-in Amp slots
    – 12 Choptones app custom IRs
    – 16 user slots at 32bit/48kHz uploadable through the software
  • A/B amp footswitch + 3-way (A-B-C) “Scene” option
    The A/B footswitch lets you switch from clean amp style to crunch amp style immediately, while the SCENE footswitch can toggle SCENE1, SCENE2, SCENE3 sequentially.
  • Reverb with 2 Alt knobs (Room, Hall, Plate, Spring and Damp modes, selectable via the app)
  • Dirt Box FX Section with a selection of digital effects editable through the app, including Compression, Boost, Overdrive and a 6-band EQ
  • USB Audio Interface capability – yes, you can plug it into your computer and record tracks, run Plug-In, and even do live-stream with Amp Academy.
  • Headphones Out through regular Output
  • Aux In for connecting external music source
  • Flexible Routing for Studio or Live situations thanks to FX Loop and DI Output (side panel)
  • Drum & Loop function – plays standard drum beats for facilitating songwriting
  • Full Midi compatibility, via USB

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