Hohner Marine Band Crossover Harmonica M2009


  • $13000

With the Marine Band Crossover Harmonica, Hohner has expanded the Marine Band series to introduce a top-of-the-line, professional-quality harmonica for discerning musicians who play modern blues, rock, jazz, soul, or funk.

The Marine Band Crossover Harmonica's revolutionary laminated-bamboo comb is completely sealed, making it water repellent and exceptionally stable. In combination with the screw-together assembly, the Marine Band Crossover is extremely airtight, with fast, even response and a raspy, powerful sound that's exceptionally well-suited to amplified playing as well as acoustic styles.

The crossover Marine Band harmonica's modern-compromise tuning is ideal for single-note playing in different positions as well as easy note bending for contemporary blues, rock, jazz, soul, and funk, while still ensuring a full chord sound. The Marine Band Crossover is an optimal addition to the Marine Band harmonica series. The Marine Band Crossover uses the same reedplates as Hohner's Marine Band Deluxe harmonica for interchangeability.

Due to the Marine Band Crossover's compromise tuning, chord playing is smooth and full and the single notes also play nicely in-tune, so playing in positions other then 1st and 2nd is not a problem for intonation. Because of the airtight construction (a sealed comb and screws instead of nails to attach the reedplates), bending, overblows, and overdraws are much easier then on most other diatonic harps. This is great news for beginners learning to bend and speedsters and overblowers out there looking for an airtight harmonica that can keep up with their playing.


  • 10-hole diatonic
  • Reedplates: brass; 0.9 mm
  • Comb: sealed bamboo (patent pending)
  • Hohner harmonicas feature:
  • Improved reed profiles
  • Precision die punches
  • Reed plates with unparalleled air tightness
  • Improved tuning accuracy
  • Stainless steel covers
  • Won't tarnish and are easy to clean
  • Dynamic range
  • Highest volume harmonicas
  • Super-fast response at all volume levels
  • Easily adjustable for overblows

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