Fender Champion 40 Combo

Fender Champion 40 Combo


  • $31999

Model #: 2330300000

(1x12", 40 Watt Combo) Selectable Amp Voicing in a Lightweight Combo! The FENDER Champion 40 guitar combo amp gives you classic Fender tone in a stylish, affordable package. This ready-to-rock 1 x 12" combo sports 40 watts and a wide range of tone perfect for virtually any style, served up loud and proud through a Fender Special Design speaker. Two channels and selectable amp voicing give you everything from classic Fender cleans to modern high-gain, while built-in effects - including reverb, delay/echo, chorus, tremolo, Vibratone, and more - let you polish your sound. Iconic Blackface™ styling completes the uber-cool Fender Champion 40.


  • Fender clean and overdrive tones
  • British/modern amp voicing and distortion
  • Diverse palette of effects
  • Including delay time and tremolo speed
  • Easily set the TAP button to match tempos
  • Auxiliary input for jamming with media players
  • Headphone output for silent practice
  • Classic Fender Blackface cosmetics

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