Boss DM-2W Analog Delay Waza Craft Special Edition Pedal


  • $21999

Ever since the original DM-2 analog delay pedal left the market in 1984, pedal collectors have been on the lookout for its dark and moody bucket brigade tone. The BOSS Waza Craft DM-2W isn't just a reissue DM-2 - it's a total rebuild that offers you the same amazing character with none of the clock noise that plagued the original - and that's just the standard mode. Next, there's the DM-2W's custom mode, which increases the maximum delay time from 300ms to about 600ms and adds warmth and clarity to the repeats for a more modern analog-delay sound. What's more, both of the DM-2W's modes take advantage of two additional modifications, which include split optional split wet/dry outputs and an expression pedal input that lets you control delay time on the fly.


  • Custom reissue
  • Redesign of the original 1977 DM-2 Analog Delay pedal
  • New bucket brigade circuit topology
  • Authentic tonal character without clock noise
  • Standard mode offers the dark and brooding analog delay
  • Custom modes doubles the delay time to up to 600ms
  • Adds warmth and clarity to the repeats
  • Split outputs let you run your direct and delay sounds separately
  • Plug in an expression pedal for on-the-fly delay time control

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