Bennett Custom Audio Weather Man Overdrive & Boost Pedal

Bennett Custom Audio

  • $27900



The Weather Man combines a versatile, dynamic, light-to-medium gain overdrive with a powerful, totally independent JFET-based clean boost. On their own, the overdrive and boost would make a welcome addition to any rig, but when stacked together, they make magic.

Each effect has its own true bypass footswitch but share a bi-color LED. When the overdrive is on, the LED will light blue. When the boost is on, the LED will be light red. When both effects are on, the LED will light purple.


OVERDRIVE: The overdrive circuit is carefully tuned to give you that "just right" amount of break up - not too little, not too much. The controls are designed to interact organically, allowing you to quickly dial in a wide palette of overdrive sounds.

The heart of the overdrive is the voice switch. It toggles between 3 different mid-range voicings, defining the overall character of the overdrive. The leftmost setting has a pronounced mid-scoop, giving the overdrive a bright, glassy tone. The center position has a mid hump, giving it a warm, mid-focused sound. The right position is relatively flat, giving a good balance of mids and treble.

From there, the Overdrive's four controls can be used to dial in a wide range of sounds. The gain control will take you anywhere from really clean with minimal distortion to a thick, aggressive crunch. The bass and treble knobs allow you to tailor it in for any guitar and amp. The overdrive's volume control lets you set the overall loudness. There's a ton of volume on tap, so the overdrive can easily be used to slam the front-end of a tube amp or another pedal. Two internal DIP switches allow you to select the clipping mode of the pedal, fine-tuning the distortion and compression: hard-clipping (default), soft-clipping, or no clipping. Finally, the internal trim pot controls the presence, allowing you to fine-tune the treble response. 

BOOST: On the surface, the Weather Man's boost is simple - just a single knob for volume, but it's so much more. Offering up 22dB of clean boost, its JFET-based design gives a wonderful tube amp-like feel that adds a liveliness and an ease to your playing that you won't be able to go without. The boost is placed before the overdrive in the signal chain, so when stacked together it pushes the overdrive further into distortion and gives a volume lift - perfect for solos or standout moments in a song.


  • Power Requirements: 9-18 volts DC center-negative, with at least 50mA of current output. There is no 9V battery clip inside
  • Signal Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Signal Output Impedance: 100Ω
  • Top-mounted audio and power jacks
  • Mechanical true bypass switching
  • Independently switchable overdrive and boost circuits
  • High quality components, 100% hand-wired in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Physical dimensions: 4.7" L x 2.6" W x 1.75" H

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