Apex 310 Lo Z Mic w/XLR Cable

Apex 310 Lo Z Mic w/XLR Cable


  • $4999




The APEX310 is a low impedance dynamic microphone with a cardioid pick-up pattern, ideal for live vocals, karaoke or public address and announcement P.A. The APEX310 features a convenient on / off switch on the microphone barrel and uses rugged all-metal construction and one-piece molded cartridge technology.

The APEX310 offers high-quality sound reproduction in a rugged microphone package. It comes with an XLR to XLR mic cable and mic stand clip. The Apex310 is designed to provide the optimum, cost-effective solution to a wide variety of live sound reinforcement, stage and recording applications. It is engineered to deliver smooth accurate response, full bottom end and sparkling highs with sound characteristics identical to those of similar, much higher-priced industry-standard models.

Ergonomics & Construction
The APEX310 is finished in textured, matte coating to reduce unwanted glare and provide a secure, non-slip grip. The heat treated metal ball grille is soldered and welded to the threaded base to form an extremely rugged assembly which can withstand ten times the shock loading of traditional microphones. In addition to providing protection to the microphone, the grilles also serve to reduce extraneous noise via a multi-stage windscreen. Secure connections are assured through the use of high quality connectors and all cables include built-in strain relief fittings.

Design & Components
The Apex310s cardioid polar pickup pattern enhances sound isolation by increasing sensitivity in the area in front of the microphone. This minimizes bleed-through from extraneous sound sources and reduces the feedback potential. Additionally, a cardioid pattern has an enhanced proximity effect• which contributes to a fuller sound in most vocal applications. A unique filter incorporated into the capsule design reduces breath noise and the popping caused by explosive consonants such as 'B', 'P' and 'T'.
• Proximity effect is an increased low frequency response adding fullness and seemingly more 'bottom end' to the voice when microphone is placed close to sound source. Vocalists can use the proximity effect to their advantage and often incorporate it as part of their overall microphone technique.

• Suitable for a broad variety of applications
• Rich, accurate tonal reproduction
• Rugged, matte-finished, low reflective housings
• Multistage, noise-reducing, protective windscreens
• Two year limited warranty

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