Outlaw Effects Six Shooter II Tuner Guitar Effects Pedal

Outlaw Effects

  • $4900


Micro effects pedal company Outlaw Effects is introducing the Six Shooter II, a new and improved version of the company’s popular Six Shooter tuner pedal.

This precision, compact-sized chromatic tuner is suitable for a wide range of instruments. The Six Shooter II features a quicker response time and more accuracy than its predecessor, and boasts a larger LCD screen (1 3/16″ x 2″).

Six Shooter II features true bypass switching to maintain the purity of your clean tone. Like all Outlaw Effects, the pedal is housed in a durable aluminum alloy chassis, and features a staggered input/output design for a minimum footprint.


  • Low profile
  • Silent operation
  • Rugged chassis
  • Large LCD screen
  • Quick response
  • Multiple instruments

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