Fender Rumble 500 (V3) Bass Combo

Fender Rumble 500 (V3) Bass Combo


  • $89999

Model #: 2370600000

The all-new Rumble Series is a mighty leap forward in the evolution of portable bass amps. 

The new 500W Fender Rumble V3 bass 2x10” combo delivers huge, booming low end without losing clarity. Along with the twin 10” Eminence-designed speakers, it houses useful features and easy-to-use controls, including 500/350W power levels, aux. input, headphone output, Vintage tone switch, Contour on/off, Bright on/off and an FX loop.
Re-engineered from the ground up, new Rumble amps are lighter and louder than ever, with even more power and a classic Fender vibe. A newly developed foot-switchable overdrive circuit and versatile three-button voicing palette deliver powerful tones ideal for any gig.


  • Power: 500W (4Ω)/350W (8Ω)
  • Speakers: 2x10” Eminence
  • one compression tweeter
  • Single channel
  • Controls:
    • Gain
    • Bright on/off
    • Contour on/off
    • Vintage on/off
    • Drive
    • Overdrive on/off
    • Level
    • Bass
    • Low-Mid
    • High-Mid
    • Treble
    • Master Volume
    • XLR line out
    • Aux. input
    • Headphone output
    • FX loop
    • Dimensions: 23” x 19” x 14”
    • Footswitch optional

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