Evans Drumset Torque Key

Evans Drumset Torque Key


  • $3925


Evans Torque Key has an ergonomic grip for maximum comfort, a knurled knob for quick spinning, and a slip-resistant magnetic head. The torque handle can be set to a desired tension to help drummers attain more accurate tuning.

Evans drum keys are ergonomically designed to fit the needs of drummers in a wide variety of playing and tuning situations. With multiple available designs, Evans drum keys help drummers attain accurate tuning on-the-go, at a gig, or in the studio.


  • Torque-handle can be set to desired tension
  • Helps attain tuning accuracy
  • Magnetic head helps prevent slipping
  • Stays in place for quick adjustments
  • Durable, ergonomic construction
  • Designed in conjunction with Ned Steinberger

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