Yorkville YX10P Powered Speakers


  • $44900

The most compact powered speaker in the line, the YX10P is an ideal solution for small PA applications where a simple playback solution is all that is needed. Integrated two channel mixer allows the YX10P to operate as a standalone PA for conferences, presentations and public address applications.

Versatile input section allows direct connect via XLR, -inch and 1/8th-inch TRS to microphones, instruments and iPods. Modified trapezoidal shape allows the YX10P to be used as a powered low profile wedge monitor as well as a front-of-house cabinet making an extremely versatile PA solution for rental houses.

The YX10P can be easily combined with the YX10SP powered subwoofer for larger PA applications where space is at a premium; yet additional bottom end may be required.


  • Active Speaker
  • Front-of-House or Monitors
  • Integrated 170W Amplifier Module
  • XLR, 1/4" and 1/8" TRS Inputs
  • Maximum SPL : 119dB
  • High Power 10-inch Woofer
  • 90 x 40 Custom ABS Waveguide Horn
  • 1.4" Aluminum Diaphragm Horn Driver
  • Solid Plywood Cabinet
  • All Metal Grille
  • Integrated bar Handles
  • Stand Mount

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