VOX MINI 3 - 3W Battery-Powered Combo


  • $15999

Here's a great little practice amp from Vox! The 3-watt Vox MINI 3 is a pint-sized combo-style practice guitar amplifier that's loaded with amazing features. First off, the MINI 3 can run on either AC power or AA batteries (for up to 10 hours of playing time). Next, choose from the MINI 3's 11 spot-on guitar amplifier emulations, a collection that includes all of rock's favorite amplifier types, such as boutique clean, tweed, California metal, U.S. high-gain, AC30 (of course), and more! And that's not all - the MINI 3 also comes loaded with excellent effects, which are perfect for those solo practice sessions.


  • Compact modeling amp with 11 amp models
  • Line option for keyboards, etc.
  • Chorus, flanger, tremolo, compressor
  • Delay/reverb types: 2 x delay, 2 x hall
  • Tuner

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