Vineham Pickups Custom Handwound Stratocaster "Texas Reds" Pickup Set

Vineham Pickups

  • $16000


The "Reds" are a hotter set of Strat pickups designed for blues, rock and country but in  reality, can handle almost anything you have a mind to throw at them. "Reds" have a tight bottom end with thick mids and a deliciously balanced treble that will break up your amp sooner than most of our other pickups. "Red"s can do it all and are quite versatile for clean or dirty tones.  These tone monsters feature Alnico 5 magnets, fiber bobbins and are wax potted with our special beeswax/paraffin mixture.  Vintage "pushback" cloth leads and a RW/RP wind gives you the utmost in contemporary Strat versatility.


  • Neck 6.3k
  • Middle 6.5k
  • Bridge 6.8k
  • Designed for Blues, Rock & Country
  • Tight bottom end
  • Thick mids
  • Balanced treble tones
  • Versatile clean & dirty tones
  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • Made in Newfoundland, Canada!

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