Vineham Pickups Custom Handwound Standard Vintage "Whiskey Burner" Neck Humbucker

Vineham Pickups

  • $9500


This pickup sits at the hotter of the vintage spectrum using a vintage wind with offset coils and rough-cast Alnico 2 magnets. These create a rude, sassy and open compressed tone that is great for blues, southern rock or classic rock. Imagine the smooth and creamy tone of Duane A. or Mr. Trucks. Made with Alnico 2 magnets for that classic sound.  For a sweeter upper midrange Alnico 4 is an option – just ask!

The standard vintage Humbuckers use 50mm short leg nickel base-plates, vintage braided-lead wire or 4 conductor and an authentic maple spacer. I also offer many of the same “PAF Reproduction” vintage winds in our standard humbuckers.


  • Neck: 7.8k
  • Long Leg Nickel Silver Base-plate (49.2 mm spacing)
  • Vintage correct Butyrate bobbins
  • 42 AWG plain enamel magnet wire
  • Vintage correct metal alloys on pole screws, slugs and keeper bar
  • Rough cast Alnico magnets A2, A4 Magnets
  • Authentic maple spacer
  • Braided shielded vintage lead wires
  • Bare nickel cover
  • CNC machine wound to match vintage PAF turns-per-layer pattern
  • “Patent Applied For” decal on base-plate - just like the original PAF

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