Vineham Pickups Custom Handwound Standard Vintage "Sweet V59's" Neck Humbucker

Vineham Pickups

  • $9500


This is our take on the 1959 PAF humbuckers. The Sweet Vine 59's are built and voiced to replicate some of the best sounding '59 PAF's ever made. With offset coils and rough-cast Alnico 4 magnets, these are clear, dynamic and smooth, with a sweet treble and a singing upper midrange.

The standard vintage Humbuckers use 50mm short leg nickel base-plates, vintage braided-lead wire or 4 conductor and an authentic maple spacer. I also offer many of the same “PAF Reproduction” vintage winds in our standard humbuckers.


  • Neck: 7.5k
  • Long Leg Nickel Silver Base-plate (49.2 mm spacing)
  • Vintage correct Butyrate bobbins
  • 42 AWG plain enamel magnet wire
  • Vintage correct metal alloys on pole screws, slugs and keeper bar
  • Rough cast Alnico magnets A2, A4 Magnets
  • Authentic maple spacer
  • Braided shielded vintage lead wires
  • Bare nickel cover
  • CNC machine wound to match vintage PAF turns-per-layer pattern
  • “Patent Applied For” decal on base-plate - just like the original PAF

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