Tune-Bot Electronic Drum Tuner


  • $11000

 Every guitar player has an electronic tuner for speed and accuracy in tuning. Tuning a drum is much more time consuming and difficult than a guitar. Yet, until now there was no such thing as a real "drum tuner". After years of research and development, Overtone Labs has finally created a fast, accurate, and effective drum tuning device. This new invention is about to change the way drums are tuned.

To measure the pitch of your drum, just clip the device to the drum hoop and hit the drum. It’s that simple. To measure the pitch of individual lugs, just hit the drum next to the lug as you would if tuning by ear. The device automatically filters out overtones and give you a consistent and accurate reading in Hz or musical notes.


  • Overall (fundamental) pitch measurement
  • Lug to lug pitch measurement
  • Frequency and musical note modes
  • 80+ save slots
  • Mounting clip

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