Toca Percussion T3513 Pro Claves

Toca Percussion T3513 Pro Claves

Toca Percussion

  • $1999


Toca's new Pro Claves (T3513) reflect the appreciation that Toca's designers have for the important role that these instruments play in Afro/Cuban and other Latin music. They're fashioned from hand-selected padauk wood, which is noted for its warm, resonant qualities. Padauk also has a rich and attractive reddish color that is complemented by the Pro Claves' matte finish.

A unique feature of the Pro Claves is their differing size and shape. The striker bar is 7-3/8" long, with a diameter of 7/8" from end to end. It's specifically designed to be comfortable to hold yet heavy enough to produce maximum tone and volume when it strikes the other bar.

That other bar is 9" long, with a diameter of 1-1/4"?except at its center. There it features a specially scooped-out contour. When the bar is held properly in the player's hand, this contour creates a "sound chamber" that boosts the resonance and projection of the clave rhythm. This enhanced resonance, coupled with the warm and lively tonality of the padauk wood, helps to maximize the musical potential of these essential instruments.


  • Projects warm and lively sound when struck together
  • One clave features a sound chamber
  • Allows you to adjust the pitch when struck together
  • Hand selected Paduak wood
  • Striker 7-3/8" long, Clave 9" long

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