TC Electronic Gauss Tape Echo Effects Pedal

TC Electronic Gauss Tape Echo Effects Pedal

tc electronic

  • $12399


Few delay effects are more revered, or iconic, than the tape echo machines of yesteryear.  What guitar player doesn’t want one!? The warm, fat tones of the vintage reel-to-reel tape units have become the stuff of legend, but they are hard to come by, pretty temperamental and typically quite expensive. Gauss Tape Echo realistically emulates the sound of those legendary tape echo machines, plays well with other effects, and is pretty darn affordable!

Gauss Tape Echo features a highly responsive and easy to use 3-knob interface with control over Delay Time, Sustain and Volume. An onboard Mod-switch lets you go squeaky clean, or add subtle and warm modulation to your echoes. Just as any good delay pedal, Gauss Tape Echo gives your tone a sense of space and substance by stretching it out a little bit, or a lot, and fattens up the sound by adding a distinct sense of "more". But it also gives you the sought-after timbre of the original tape echo machines complete with wow and flutter effects, and natural bass attenuation on the repeats.

Gauss Tape Echo easily recreates any style of echo, from the warm and organic tape delay of your favourite rock classics, to old-school '50s rockabilly slap-back.

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