TC Electronic Fluorescence Shimmer Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

tc electronic

  • $12399


The TC Electronic Fluorescence Shimmer Reverb offers beautifully bright and versatile reverb tones, with an intuitive 4-control layout for dialling in a wide range of celestial sounds. With controls for reverb, tone, shimmer, and mix, the TC Electronic pedal can produce everything from voluptuous chimes, to interstellar travel-like notes. Its top-mounted jack ins/outs help minimise its retail space on pedalboards, while its extremely durable metal chassis makes it ready to take on stage life. Also equipped with true bypass, the TC Electronic Fluorescence is the perfect choice for players wanting to give their performance a luscious soundscape.

Used extensively by U2's The Edge, the shimmer effect has been adopted by scores of shoegaze guitar players for conjuring up huge, vibrant soundscapes, bursting with sparkling clarity.

Ever since U2 started working with producers Eno and Lanois, shimmer has found its way on to classic performances like "With or Without You", "4th of July", and "City of Blinding Lights".

Wherever there's a need for grandiose string sections of ethereal presence to add body and scope to a passage, 
FLUORESCENCE fits the bill.


  • Shimmering, super-bright reverb pedal
  • Effortlessly create celestial reverb sounds
  • Easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for beginners
  • Top-mounted jacks maximise space on pedalboards
  • True bypass offers ultimate signal integrity when pedal is switched off
  • Compact & roadworthy ’’built-like-a-tank’’ metal chassis
  • Controls: Reverb, Mix, Tone, Shimmer
  • Ins/Outs: 2 x 1/4'’ Jack
  • Input Impedance: 470 kOhm
  • Output Impedance: 1 kOhm
  • Power Input: Standard 9 V DC, Centre Negative, >100 mA
  • Battery Option: Standard 9V
  • Current Consumption: 90 mA
  • Height: 2.3'' (58mm)
  • Width: 2.9'' (74mm)
  • Depth: 5.2'' (132mm)

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