TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb Effects Pedal

TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb Effects Pedal

tc electronic

  • $8899


The best way to liven up your dry guitar sound with a is a good spring reverb. An homage to one of music's most recognizable reverb effects, Drip Spring Reverb instantly takes your tone back to the good old days of amp reverb, to the iconic California surf scene and countless classic blues recordings. Spring reverb was so ubiquitous on classic recordings that it has become a quintessential part of the electric guitar sound.

With an intuitive set of controls on board, Drip Spring Reverb can easily be dialed-in for a wide variety of reverb flavors. The Tone control lets you set how bright the reverberations are for either a clear, piercing sound or a more subdued and dark tone. Dwell sets the length of the reverb tail, for everything from a whisper to a wave crashing into a Californian coastal cavern. The Mix knob lets you dial in the perfect balance between the reverberated signal and your dry signal.

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