Taylor Ebony Guitar Slide (4 Sizes)


  • $2499

Small (11/16") - 80760
Medium (3/4") - 80761
Large (13/16") - 80762
X-Large (7/8") - 80763

Taylor have created these unique guitar slides out of sustainable African Ebony as a tribute to their efforts in making Ebony a sustainable wood source again.

The slide is a bit different to your typical glass or metal slide as they're softer with a natural dampening factor. They have a less shrill high-end and don't slip very easily. They're lightweight, warm sounding and far more forgiving than a metal slide would be. You might want to crank the gain a bit more than you normally would to get these to truly sing.


  • Available in Small, Medium, Large & X-Large
  • Sustainable African Ebony
  • Softer with a natural dampening factor
  • Less shrill high end
  • Doesn't slip easily
  • Lightweight & warm sounding

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