Sabian Stick Flip Bag, Black & Red


  • $4999


A stick bag that stands! The versatile SABIAN Stick Flip starts out as a drumstick bag, then unzips, flips, and morphs into a drumstick holder – making transport a breeze! The Stick Flip morphs from drumstick bag to drumstick holder with our proprietary Flip design. The transformation is quick and smooth – no snaps or special connections required. During the gig, it sits right next to you, putting spare sticks within arm’s reach. When the gig is over, it quickly folds back into a stick bag and you’re ready for the next show.


  • A stick bag that stands
  • Starts out as a drumstick bag
  • Unzip, flip, and morph into a drumstick holder
  • Makes transport a breeze
  • Color: Black / Red

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