Sabian Economy Stick Bag


  • $1749


An essential part of any drummer's rig, Sabian's Economy Stick Bag gives you a handy place to stow your sticks. Large segmented pockets let you load up on sticks and keep them organized. Use the hanging loops to attach your Sabian Economy Stick Bag to your drum kit. There's even a small pocket on the outside, which is the perfect place to stow your drum key and spare hardware. Never fumble around for a pair of sticks again - get your Sabian Economy Stick Bag today!


  • A smart and simple stick bag that any drummer can appreciate
  • Large partitioned inner pockets
  • Storage space for several pairs of drumsticks
  • Minimalist design
  • Keeps your sticks arranged logically and easy to access
  • Built-in mounting options
  • Attach your stick bag to your kit
  • keeps your drumsticks in easy reach
  • Smaller outer pocket provides extra storage space

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