Sabian AAX 15" X-Plosion Crash Cymbal


  • $19499



Engineered for immediate response and huge output, this medium-thin Crash cymbal is perfectly designed to cut through the thousands of watts of amplified sound created by modern rock, pop, country and hip-hop bands -- not to mention their screaming fans! As a result, AAX X-Plosion Crashes more than deliver the goods when it comes to penetrating massive volumes onstage - they kill it! With sparkling, bright presence and total power, the 15” AAX X-Plosion Crash gets you heard – and felt.

AAX cymbals are totally machine-made, which means that each one is molded, lathed, and hammered by robots. Don't let that turn you off though - it also means that each cymbal is manufactured precisely according to detail, with no room for human error. Both the AA and AAX lines sound modern, but the AAX cymbals feature 'Dynamic Focus' manufacturing techniques that minimize distortion, increase clarity, and ensure that the cymbals sound the same no matter the dynamic.


  • A Killer crash!
  • Cuts any volume and any music
  • Penetrating definition
  • Total presence and power
  • SABIAN Two-Year Warranty

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