ProCo 'Fat Rat' Selectable Mosfet Clipping and Thick Boost Distortion


  • $21900


The Rat On Steroids... the iconic RAT has had an overhaul, and we're very excited! 

The FatRat is a professional stomp box designed to send your guitar sound into overdrive. The front face features individual controls for distortion, filter, and volume so you can shape the sound however you want, as well as the option to boost your low end with the FAT Switch, and switchable clipping between Silicon and Mosfet. Need more? The pedal is designed with customization in mind, with a socketed Op Amp that gives you the ability to make quick and easy modifications.


  • Switchable Clipping - between Silicon and Mosfet
  • FAT Switch provides significant low end boost
  • Socketed Op amp allows for quick and simple modifications
  • 18v operation allows for increased headroom and fidelity
  • True Bypass
  • LED indicator light
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Hand built in the USA!

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