Marshall MG412ACF 4x12" Angled Extension Cabinet, 120W


  • $42500

Marshall's MG412ACF 4 x 12" extension speaker cabinet turns your MA-series amp's power into air-moving reality — at a very friendly price! In fact, the MG412ACF sounds great with all kinds of heads and amps, and its angled design means that both you and your audience can hear every sonic detail. This 300-watt angled cabinet definitely lives up to its Marshall logo, pumping out that signature sound and looking great in the process. Its combination of quality 12" speakers, premium cabinet construction, tough covering, and classic looks makes the M41A cabinet a real price/performance winner!


  • 4x12-Inch Cabinet with Carbon Look Tolex
  • Celestion Speakers
  • Angled Extension Cabinet
  • 300 Watts
  • 8 Ohm


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