Kala U•Bass EM-FS Exotic Mahogany Bass Ukulele with Padded Gig Bag, Natural


  • $58699


The KALA U•BASS is truly a ground-breaking short scale (21”) bass that produces the same pitches as a standard bass instrument and is tuned in traditional bass tuning, E-A-D-G. Available in fretted and fretless, 4 and 5 string, acoustic-electric, and solid body models. It is strung with proprietary polyurethane strings that reproduce incredible bottom-end both live and in the studio. The strings incorporate a great bass feel, with balanced tension, and are a true pleasure to play.


  • Exotic Mahogany back and sides
  • Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • 16 frets
  • 21 inch scale
  • Custom Die Cast Tuners
  • Proprietary Polyurethane strings
  • Custom Kala and Road Toad logo inlays
  • Kala Electronic System w/ Active EQ & Built-In Tuner
  • Separate compensated saddles for each string
  • Deluxe Custom U-Bass Embroidered Gig Bag
  • Meets most airline carry-on requirements

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