JOYO R Series R-04 Zip Amp Compressed Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

JOYO Technology

  • $7499


The Joyo R-04 is amazing. We love it here at Cheaperpedals. Based on the Xotic BB Preamp Comp Special Edition - tight overdrive with sparkle, that you can dig your pick into. The slight compression in the circuit adds sustain but not quack, giving a balanced, focused, gain sound that works effortlessly to blend single lines and multi string riffs into a pleasing aural mix. Seriously check this pedal out!

The new R series also has some cool ambient lighting on the bottom and top of the pedal casing that is new to the pedal game and makes it stand out it he dark


  • Xotic BB Preamp Comp Based Circuit
  • True Bypass
  • Low, High, Volume, Drive Controls
  • Normal and Compression Mode Switch
  • Rugged Aluminum alloy casing
  • Uses 9V AC Adapter (not included)

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