Electro-Harmonix Lumberjack Logarithmic Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


  • $7750

Despite its relative simplicity, the electro-harmonix Lumberjack is easily one of the most innovative overdrive/distortion pedals to arrive in a long time. It only takes a quick listen to get a general idea of the Lumberjack's sound - a frothy distortion that seems to float above the fundamental sound of your guitar or bass. That's because of the logarithmic nature of the overdrive, which distorts your higher frequencies much more than your lower frequencies. The effect this produces is similar to an overdrive blended with some clean signal, but with extremely clear lows and low mids.


  • A unique logarithmic overdrive
  • Distorts more heavily in higher registers
  • Frothy, jangly distortion for a raw sound
  • Tons of expression and character
  • Capable of producing heavy distortion
  • Retains phenomenal note clarity
  • An amazing ingredient pedal
  • Plays extremely well with modulation / reverb
  • Awesome for...
    • Bass
    • Baritone guitar
    • Drop-tunings
    • Guitars with 7 or more strings

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