Cling On MS1R Magnetic Series Digital Chromatic Tuner with Magnetic Attachment

Cling On

  • $2795


The Cling On Tuner is compact, elegant, fun, and functional, all at the same time. The modern and minimalist design eliminates and replaces the bulky clip with a compact magnetic swivel. It features small (1/2" diameter), but super strong rare-earth magnets. Comes with a mini magnetic base that can be attached virtually anywhere on your instrument via 3m adhesive sticker. The tuner can also attach directly to various ferromagnetic metal parts (metal tuning machines, tuning gears, metal plates, metal strap pins, etc.). If attached behind the headstock, it is truly hidden out of sight.


  • Large & bright 2-color display - stays red when note is flat or sharp, and turns green when tuned
  • Compact & elegant design - this elegant tuner features a small, but strong magnetic attachment
  • Convenient - tuner folds compactly and conveniently, so you don't have to take it off the instrument
  • Easy and fun to use - quick attachment, dual swivel allows an excellent viewing angle of the display

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