Chauvet DJ IRC-6 Infrared Remote Control

Chauvet DJ

  • $1699

Controlling your Chauvet LED lights has never been so easy with the Chauvet IRC-6 (Infrared Remote Control). This remote is so easy to use, you can adjust and fine-tune important features on any Chauvet Freedom series and IRC products with just a few button pushes, and you'll never have to touch the lightings! The parameters you can control with the Chauvet IRC-6 includes color, intensity, strobe rates, and pre-programmed scenes. When it comes to running a light show, the Chauvet IRC-6 certainly makes your life easier.


  • Wireless remote control
  • For all Chauvet Freedom series and IRC products
  • Adjust the color, intensity, time-based features of your compatible Chauvet stage lights
  • Instant access to pre-programmed light shows
  • Manually set individual color percentages
  • Achieve the exact color without a DMX Controller

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