CAD GXL-UBB | UHF 2 Belt Pack Wireless System


  • $31399

Now this is a versatile system!!! The CAD GXL-UBB system comes with the receiver, 2 belt packs, 2 - 1/4" patch cables, and 2 headset microphones!!

3 DIFFERENT SET-UPS TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS!! This pack allows you to use 2 transmitters at the same time, giving you a number of combinations...

  • Setup A: 2 Headsets
  • Setup B: 1 Headset and 1 Guitar
  • Setup C: 2 Guitars


  • Two discrete channels in one receiver
  • Compact discrete antenna that recess
  • Each channel has RF and AF indicator lights 
  • UHF Frequency Operation
  • Three output options on the receiver
    • Professional balanced XLR discrete
    • Professional balanced XLR mixed output
    • Professional ¼ inch output
  • Handheld transmitter w/ mute and on positions
  • Battery life of more than 10hrs.
  • Handheld transmitter features battery indicator

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