BCA What Rhymes With Orange? Fuzz Pedal

BCA What Rhymes With Orange? Fuzz Pedal

BCA Pedals

  • $18000


Well to answer the question... nothing rhymes with orange. Similarly, nothing sounds like a fuzz face - which is exactly what the WRWO? is. It delivers that classic, beautiful fuzz tone we all know and love, with some modern appointments.

Featuring hand-matched transistors of your choosing, external bias control, internal input trimmer, and a standard centre-negative power supply, the WRWO? is a pedalboard-friendly fuzz face designed for modern players seeking vintage vibes.

The internal input trimmer and Bias knob help you dial in your WRWO? for your unique playing style and setup. In tandem, they allow you to achieve all flavours of fuzz, and how much the pedal will clean up with your guitar's volume knob. From a sputtery, "dying battery" tone, to a rich, singing lead tone, the WRWO? does it all.

Transistors - they're all fuzz face fanatics talk about, and for a good reason. The WRWO? comes standard with hand selected BC 183's Silicon transistors, a personal favourite. They deliver aggressive, thick fuzz tones, and still clean up well. For no additional cost, you may choose BC 108's instead if you want a brighter, more aggressive fuzz. Germanium Transistors are available at an additional cost with limited availability. Please email to find out what germanium transistors are available, and the associated extra cost!

Each WRWO? (regardless of transistor type) can be powered by a centre-negative 9 volt DC power supply, or by a battery. It is usually advised to use a battery with a fuzz face circuit for the best tone.

Each "What Rhymes with Orange?" is meticulously hand assembled using high quality components, and each unit is uniquely numbered, dated, and signed under the cover.


  • Meticulously Hand Assembled
  • High Quality Componants
  • Each pedal is uniquely numbered, dated & signed under the cover
  • Hand matched transisters
  • External Bias Control
  • Internal Input Trimmer
  • Standard 9 volt DC centre-negative power supply or Battery
  • For modern players seeking vintage vibes
  • Twice as bright LED




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