BCA Sunday Drive Overdrive Pedal

BCA Sunday Drive Overdrive Pedal

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  • $18000


The Sunday Drive is a beautiful transparent overdrive that breathes life, clarity, and character into your tone, without adding unnatural compression. It can go from a totally clean boost to an organic overdrive with a simple adjustment of the gain control. With separate bass and treble controls, it's easy to dial in exactly what you want. Incredibly versatile, it leaves your guitars tone intact while adding that "extra something" we all want.

We spent a long time perfecting the sweep of the Gain control to make sure it was usable and toneful throughout. Turned all the way down, the pedal will act as a totally clean boost, offering up lots of clean volume. Set anywhere from zero to noon, you'll get a wonderful, uncompressed, light overdrive that's articulate and clear, and responds beautifully to your pick attack. Turning the gain knob up past noon will give a rich, full, medium overdrive, that sounds as natural as a cranked tube amp. Perfect for your rhythm tone, or as a lead boost. The Sunday Drive can do it all.

Like the Gain control, the Bass and Treble controls were meticulously tweaked to have a natural sweep that makes it easy to find exactly what you want. Set at noon, the Sunday drive's EQ is totally flat. From there, you have the option to boost or cut bass or treble frequencies by adjusting each control. This works well for taming a bright guitar, adding girth to a thin-sounding pickup, or removing unwanted frequencies from your sound.

For those craving some additional clean headroom and clarity, the Sunday Drive is rated for up to 18 volts DC. It'll make the LED twice as bright too! The Sunday Drive does not have room to house a battery inside.

Each Sunday Drive is meticulously hand assembled using high quality components, and each unit is uniquely numbered, dated, and signed under the cover.


  • Meticulously Hand Assembled
  • High Quality Componants
  • Each pedal is uniquely numbered, dated & signed under the cover
  • Separate bass & treble controls alongside the Gain
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Rated up to 18 volts DC
  • No room to house a battery




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