BCA Green Thumb Drive Pedal

BCA Green Thumb Drive Pedal

BCA Pedals

  • $18000


The Green Thumb is a contemporary take on the classic green stomp box that we all know and love. It combines that classic, vocal-like midrange boost with more volume, a more defined treble response, and selectable bass contour. It's a must-have for those in search of a singing, gritty drive, or those looking to tighten up their high gain tone.

Featuring familiar Volume, Tone, and Gain controls, it's easy to dial in that perfect mid gain tone in any setup. It keeps every note clear and singing, no matter what guitar you plug into it. The bass contour switch adds a contemporary twist that accommodates players of all styles and genres. The default setting (down) offers a rounder, fuller low end response, perfect for adding fatness to a single coil guitar. The upper position has a much tighter bottom end, making it perfect for stacking with other overdrives, or for adding a tightness and attack to any high gain setup.

For those craving some additional clean headroom and clarity, the Green Thumb is rated for up to 18 volts DC. It'll make the LED twice as bright too! The Green Thumb does not have room to house a battery inside.

Each Green Thumb is meticulously hand assembled using high quality components, and each unit is uniquely numbered, dated, and signed under the cover.


  • Meticulously Hand Assembled
  • High Quality Componants
  • Each pedal is uniquely numbered, dated & signed under the cover
  • Volume, Tone & Gain Controls
  • Bass Contour Switch
  • Rated up to 18 DC Volts
  • Twice as bright LED

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