(1) Hanger - Hercules GSP29WB Wall Guitar Hanger

(1) Hanger - Hercules GSP29WB Wall Guitar Hanger


  • $1950


A good-looking wallmount guitar hanger for oddly shaped guitars and basses.

The HERCULES Auto-Swivel Yoke Hanger GSP29WB rotates automatically so instruments hang evenly and securely; has an attractive wood base; can accommodate most classical, electric, or bass guitars, and banjos.


  • Attractive Wood Base for home mounting*
  • Auto Swivel yoke has an AGS hanger
  • Can rotate automatically for different shaped guitars and basses
  • Universal hanger
  • Accommodates narrow necks as little as 28mm, wide necks up to 54mm
  • And everything in between!
  • Use with:
    • Classical Guitars
    • Electric Guitars
    • Acoustic Guitars
    • Banjos
    • Electric Basses (Most 5-string and 6-string models)

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