TC Electronic Choka Vintage Tremolo Effects Pedal

TC Electronic Choka Vintage Tremolo Effects Pedal

tc electronic

  • $7899


Choka Tremolo's intuitive 3-knob layout lets you easily crank out fast waves that either cut deep or leave shallow furrows across your tone, or slow tides that ebb and flow with just the right amount of white-capped tubes you need for a satisfactory surf tone.

With all-analog circuitry in its heart, Choka Tremolo is as warm and organic sounding as a beach in Southern California.

The surfy sounds of the sixties are easily within reach but Choka is equally at home in more modern settings with plenty of hard chop on tap and with its versatile controls over Speed and Depth and low noise operation, Choka covers everything from surf to Motown to nu-metal and beyond.

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