McNally D-33 "D" Grand Strumstick


  • $23500

Plays just like the standard with a deeper, richer sound.

The McNally D-33 Grand Strumstick is longer than the standard model (33") and tunes to D or C, and has a deeper, richer sound. Rosette soundhole. 3 strings and a diatonic scale. The Strumstick is fun and extremely easy to play. For the experienced musician, it's a terrific portable creative tool--melodies and grooves tumble out as you play. Has a banjo/dulcimer-like sound. Handmade of padouk, spruce, and maple. The McNally D-33 comes with pick, instruction CD, and book.


  • 33" long
  • Handmade of padouk, spruce, and maple
  • Rosette soundhole
  • Tunes to C or D
  • 3 strings and diatonic scale
  • Pick, instruction CD, and book included

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