"*PREVIOUSLY ROCKED" - T1M "The Pearl" Drive/Fuzz Pedal

Reid Music Limited

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T1M "The Pearl"

  • The Pearl is a dual stage overdrive with a thicker compressed gained out side (punch drive) and a more transparent touch sensitive side more akin to a Tim or nobles overdrive on the other (the touch drive). The switches turn each side on and off (can be used independently or together) and the toggles are clipping toggles that can do gain adjustments to dial in the pearl to a variety of different amps making it incredibly versatile.
  • top row looking down is Volume Gain, Volume Drive
  • second row is shine, FB (presence) and tone
  • shine will ADD high end to the touch drive.
  • the FB (feedback) control will give more presence to your signal. you will hear notes ‘bloom’ more and at settings higher than 12 can achieve more harmonic content. stacked you’ll hear it start to feedback. literally. watch yourself.
  • tone on the punch side is self explanatory. 12 is neutral, < darkens > brightens
  • the toggle in the middle is a flip flop order reverse toggle for the two sides. LED on means they are backward (punch last in chain) LED off means it is in stock config.
  • the clipping toggles are three way,
  • outside (away from each other) is symmetrical clipping. some el84/34 type amps prefer this. you’ll hear it more when stacking on the touch drive
  • put into the middle is a ‘lifted’ clipping position, it will be noticeably louder on the punch side, but will yield some pretty unstable tones at higher gains there.
  • pointed towards each other (to the middle of the pedal, or ‘at’ the flip flop switch) is asymmetrical, which is the stock position


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