NUX Strum Tuner - Polyphonic Chromatic Pedal Tuner


  • $5999

The Strum Tuner – multi-string Guitar and Bass pedal tuner. Three display modes: Classic needle type, Strobe and Polyphonic tuner.
A variety of tuning modes can be chosen, such as drop D and flat tuning up to 3 semitones. The LED matrix display can be seen clearly from anywhere on the stage.
Tuning accuracy is ±1 cent. With the tuner's rapid response display, tuning a guitar or bass becomes easier and more accurate.
True Bypass Circuitry allows quick switching without latency or loss of tonality.


  • Two tuning modes: Strum (polyphonic) or Chromatic Intelligent switch for polyphonic tuning and single string tuning.Strum tuning model needle or marquee display
  • Drop D tuning Flat tuning and A4 frequency range True bypass circuitry allowing you to switch  the signal quickly in and out without latency or loss of tone
  • Compatible with both Guitar and Bass.



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