Marshall RF-1 Reflector Digital Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal


  • $13500

With the Reflector Digital Reverb you have access to a half-dozen effects worthy of the Marshall name ranging from spacious halls to studio plates, classic spring reverbs, and haunting reverse reverb textures. Controls include Reverb Mode (Hall, Plate, Room, Spring 1, Spring 2 and Reverse), Reverb Time, Damping, and Level. An optional expression pedal can be connected via the input for control over reverb decay time during live performance.


  • Spacious halls to studio plates
  • Classic spring reverbs
  • Haunting reverse reverb texture
  • Controls include:
    • Reverb Mode
      • Hall
      • Plate
      • Room
      • Spring 1
      • Spring 2
      • Reverse)
    • Reverb Time
    • Damping
    • Level

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