JOYO Ironman Series JF-316 Future Chorus Guitar Effects Pedals

JOYO Technology

  • $7500


For many guitar players, chorus is that cheesy effect from the 80s. True, but it can also widen your guitar sound, bring it to the front of the mix and give your clean sounds a lot more depth. The JOYO Future Chorus is a subtle analog chorus that never sounds “too much”, even in extreme settings, the sound you dial in remains fully usable, if you need a beautifully transparent chorus that works in many situations, then this little future chorus is the pedal for you.


  • Level - Contrast proportion Depth - Depth of the chorus effect Chorus Speed
  • True Bypass Input Impedance:1M Output Impedance:10K Running Current 22mA Power: DC 9V adapter (negative polarity) Dimensions 73(L) * 43(W)* 50(H)mm
  • Plug in 9v DC Adapter (not included)
  • JF-316 Future Chorus , NEW mini Guitar effects pedals from JOYO.

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